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Serial entrepreneur leading phenomenal team of scientists, technologists and chefs harnessing the Power of Deliciousness to address some of the food system’s greatest challenges. Former strategic consultant for Fortune 100s and small closely held firms. Award winning (two Emmys. Academy Award nomination) film director. Food systems researcher. Since 2015 am committing my time, energy and resources to innovative projects addressing the thorniest problems of the global food system. The food system plays a major role in many of the most critical crises we face today — environmental degradation and climate change, public health, income inequality and more. I have been fortunate to have had a multi-faceted career as an entrepreneur and leader in a variety of disciplines, and am excited and honoured to bring my skills and experience to this critical field.

I am a multidisciplinary serial entrepreneur at heart and in practice. Over the years I have founded and directed successful ventures in the US, Europe and Israel, in a range of fields, from film and TV production, to management consulting, to biodiversity conservation and food-tech. In recent years I have been focusing on issues connected to the global food system, and challenges humanity will face due to growing population and climate change.

My greatest skill is my capacity to bring a diverse group of talented people to a given project – it is when leading in partnership with small groups of committed creative individuals that I have been, and continue to be the most successful.

Chimie blanche : fermentations et fermentations solides

« Welcome to the Deliciousness Revolution » 

Harnessing Solid-State Fermentation to improve the organoleptic qualities of traditional and alternative plant protein.